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List In Order Please.

[=#008000:][b:]Greetings fellow fans of Jack Whyte. I need your smarts here.;) I have read the Authurian Series up the book where Uther defeats the Saxons and hasn't been crowned King yet. ("The Saxon Shore"?)((Or maybe he was just crowned and rides off to the south east?))

What would be the next book after this one?

Also, would someone here please list this series in its correct order? (American Versions) I assume that would be the chronological order of the story line.

One last thing. Is there a complete set of the Jack Whyte Authurian Saga, all the books of the list forthcoming, available? A hard bound set? I would treasure such a collection and give it a place of honor in my life.

It sure would help a lot to get this straight. A nice list would help me clear up this confusion.

Thanks Good Folk. DAN 1[/b:][/:] [img:][/img:]

Re:List In Order Please.

Hi Dan!

Here's a copy of a list that Cathy posted some time ago under Skystone in the book section of the forum:

"The first series that Jack wrote is a cycle called "A Dream of Eagles" in Canada, and "The Camulod Chronicles" in the rest of the world.

Here's the correct reading order:

1. The Skystone
2. The Singing Sword
3. The Eagles' Brood
4. The Saxon Shore
5. The Sorcerer: The Fort at River's Bend (called simply "The Fort at River's Bend" outside Canada)
6. The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis (called "The Sorcerer" outside Canada)

Books # 5 & 6 are actually one book, divided into two parts.

"Uther", the 7th book written by Jack, is a parallel and companion book to this series. It tells the storyline in "The Eagles' Brood" from a different perspective and answers some questions still left hanging at the end of the "The Camulod Chronicles" cycle.

The second series that Jack wrote is called "The Golden Eagle". It continues the storyline begun in "The Camulod Chronicles".

It consists of "Clothar the Frank" (known as "The Lance Thrower" outside Canada), and the upcoming "The Eagle", which is being released in Canada on November 19, 2005."

Jack wrote "Uther" after completing "The Camulod Chronicles" and it can be read at any time after you've read "The Eagles' Brood". That's where it fits into the story line, but isn't necessary to the flow of the chronicles which are narrated by Merlyn.

I don't think there is a hard bound collection of the books. If there is I'm unaware of it. I'd like such a collection myself!

Re:List In Order Please.

Thank you very much Susan. This will help me a lot with this. Looks like I need to read "The Sorcerer; Metamorphosis" next.
Respectfully, DAN 1

Re:List In Order Please.

From your first post, it looks like you haven't read Fort at River's Bend. You'll definitely want to read that one before Metamorphosis.


Re:List In Order Please.

[=#008000:][b:]Hi Tony. Thanks for the advice. I think I read that one, but I will make sure.
The last I read in this series was a huge battle with the Saxons and then Aurthur was crowned outside and then rode off to further battle...I think.

I really need to reorienate myself so that I can be more interesting here. Its been more than a year since I read Jack Whyte. I'm ready for seconds.

Hey Tony? What is your favorite part of this series? I think my favorite part was where the Picts and allies stormed Hadrians Wall. My least favorite is when Uthers sweety died. That seemed so unfair to me. I'm a sucker for happy endings though I know the reality has to have the tragedy too.

Thanks for the response.

Respectfully, DAN 1[/b:][/:]

Re:List In Order Please.

Hi Dan-
Ok, now it sounds like you've read FARB, so you should be set for Metamorphosis.

My favorite part of the series? Probably when Caius and Publius are first talking about founding the colony, and then when it's actually coming together...along the same lines, when Merlyn etc. are exploring Mediobogdum and determining all of the different people/trades they'll need to turn it into a working settlement (I'm assuming I can say that, since it sounds like you've read this far in the series).

Least favorite...I guess I could answer that two ways. Least favorite from an emotional standpoint is also from FARB, with all of the deaths surrounding the trip out of Mediobogdum, capped off by the "death" of Varrus' African bow! As far as least favorite as in not thinking it's a good book, I've beaten up on Clothar the Frank in this forum before, and I don't want it to seem like I'm being too harsh, so I'll leave it at that!

Re:List In Order Please.

By the way, Dan, as you read some of these older books for the first time, please continue to post your thoughts. I think it would be great to have a little discussion of the old books again. And the rest of us will do our best to not say anything ahead of what you've read!


Re:List In Order Please.

Help,not getting these books right.
Is there a book called A Dream of Eagles? 0r Name of first two books?
I have ClotherThe Frank.. which is The Golden Eagle?and The Lance Thrower?Right or wrong?
Companion to it is Kights of the black and white,which is coming in two
or three books !
Can anyone tell me what they are Please.
I live on Us / Canada border can use what version of names you may have.
Final question are they all in print now?

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